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Welcome to Creative Brain®Learning!

Creative Brain Learning - About PageMore than 10 years ago we started in Southern California with a very simple objective: to provide quality education and value to our customers. At that time our focus was on innovative music lessons and classes. Unlike any other music school or lesson provider, we always offered free lesson books to all of our private lesson students and we still do it to this very day.

It did not take long until we outgrew our original objective and the name of Southern California Music School. We began providing after-school enrichment programs for school districts and, at the request of our clients, began to provide instructional programs in a variety of other subjects in addition to our legendary music content.

Soon we provided programs in science, film making, culinary arts, visual arts, dance, sports, game design, healthy behaviors, and much more. We developed proprietary resources as existing curriculum materials seemed inadequate for our clients’ needs.

By April of 2009 the brand “Creative Brain®” was launched to properly represent our portfolio. Innovation and creative thinking has always been at the core of our activities from the very get-go, and these are still our guiding principals. The logo we adopted was created by Logoworks and represents two important things in one: a thought bubble, and a silhouette of the essence of a human head, with the lighter blue color filling the area of the brain or mind. In traditional color psychology, the predominant color of blue is associated with “education” or “learning”, while the bright green represents balance between head and heart, and is also the color of growth and newness. The logo, therefore, sums up our true mission, which is to provide balanced learning and innovation that incorporates both the left side and the right side of the human brain.
Finally, the name itself, Creative Brain®, sums up the pinnacle of our mission, which is bringing together “creativity” (right brain) and “analytical thinking” (left brain) to inspire “creative thinking.”

To honor our origins a separate brand of “MUSICSTAR®” was established at the same time, dedicated to all things music. MUSICSTAR® has since grown to include MUSICSTAR® Kidz (music programs for pre-school children), MUSICSTAR® Baby (Music for toddlers), MUSICSTAR® Learning (School Music programs) and MUSICSTAR® Academy (our original portfolio of quality private music lessons and classes). For more information on MUSICSTAR®, please visit the website

Both Creative Brain® and MUSICSTAR® are registered trademarks.
Our mission is simple: to empower students and to spark their imagination and creativity with innovative and engaging learning opportunities. At the core of it all are our teachers who are true Managers of Learning, facilitating an inquiry-based and multi-sensory classroom environment that is relevant to the students during out-of-school hours

For more than 10 years, our educational services and resources have helped students succeed in core subjects and drastically improving their academic performance and testing skills. Our programs have helped not only individual students but schools to improve their state ranking and total API scores.

Letter From The Director


Thank you for visiting us here at our little spot in cyberspace!  we truly appreciate your interest in what we have to offer and hope that we can be of service to you now or in the near future.

Creative Brain is all about ” innovation”, “creativity”, “smart solutions:, and cutting edge education.  We seek out challenges in the hope that we can provide useful solutions.  AS our name suggests, the pinnacle if our mission is to bring together creativity and analytically thinking to inspire “creative thinking”.

We realized a long time ago that we all learn differently.  We also realized that most of us live learning new things, as long as it is exciting, interesting and somehow relevant to us.

A long time ago we adopted a new paradigm in teaching that puts more emphasis on the “process of learning” and less on the act of “traditional” teaching.  We label our instructors “Managers of Learning” because in our inquiry-based, inter-active and multi disciplinary classroom everyone is engaged in discovery and learning.  The role of the teacher is  to “manage” that learning and guide the process.  An effective manager, as we know, by empowering us as individuals and as a team, by helping us trust and value our own intellects, talents and abilities.

When we are engaged in learning and we learning matters to us, leaving is awesome and fun!

We love sharing our excitement for creativity and learning!  Please let us know how we can be of service to you as a student or as someone seeking to provide new learning opportunities in school, out of school, or in the community!  We look forward to hearing from you!


Eckart Seeber

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