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Artworkz Watercolors

Learn the fundamentals of brush painting, as it is specifically applied to water-colors. This class explores various techniques that will improve your painting skills and provide inspiring tools for exploring your individual art adventures

Art History

Art In History

Each students will be provided with their own replica of an ancient artifact. The class explores the history of the artifacts and coaches students as they paint the artifacts according to ancient concepts. Students will be able to keep their artworks

Cartoon Drawing

Intro To Cartoon Drawing

Learn the secrets of cartoon drawing and create your very own cartoon story in this unique arts class. Students will learn to draw cartoon characters and other elements and will create their own story ideas and turn them into actual cartoons.


Intro To Anime Drawing

Anime art is a specialized field similar to carton drawing. Students will learn the essence of anime art and will recreate their favorite anime characters and design new ones.


Elements of Drawing

Elements of Painting explores the fundamentals of visual arts and provides an opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the tools and techniques that can be applied to their arts activities. Participants will explore the concepts of  color, shapes, textures, lines, space, and more.

Human Form

Drawing The Human Form

Do you wish you could improve your drawing skills of people? Here is your chance! Drawing the Human Form is a class that makes drawing people and portraits easy by exploring techniques artists use in their master works.