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DramaWorkz combines Language Arts, public speaking, visual presentation and performing arts to provide students with an opportunity to explore language and communication skills within a fun and empowering environment. 


Aligned with common core standards, StoryBrain engages students in a hands-on program that helps develop strong language and creative writing skills within a fun and empowering learning framework

Illustrations By The Illustrations By path of StoryBrain presents students with books that only include the text. The challenge for students is to interpret the story and illustrate the book.

Story By Two distinct pathways of StoryBrain curriculum resources are available, one path to improve writing, thinking and skills, the other to allow students to tap into their visual arts skills and creativity.

The Story By series features colorfully illustrated books that are published without text. The challenge for students is to develop story lines for the illustrations and write their own books, which would then be printed and published for their use.

The program includes plenty of activities to improve story building and writing skills.

Storybrain Animation

StoryBrain Animation

StoryBrain takes the printed resources one step further and provides the technology and resources for students to create their very own animation films of stories they write or illustrate, complete with music and voice-over soundtrack.


DanceWorkiz is an extension of the MUSICSTAR Brand, and features great dance programs for all ages. “Hip Hop” Dance has been one of the most popular classes.

Creative Brain Learning Danceworkz