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Our Mission

Our Missions - Creative Brain LearningThe mission of CREATIVE BRAIN® LEARNING (CBL®) is to provide quality educational opportunities and products designed to spark students’ creativity and imagination.

Our programs are designed to provide opportunities for students to not only be safe during the high risk hours of 3PM—6PM, but be able to apply and deepen the knowledge they have gained between 8AM and 3PM.

We strongly believe that the field of After-school provides an extremely opportune and flexible environment that allows for creative exploration of day-time curriculum elements.

We strongly believe that applied science, technology engineering, and math projects not only help students solidify their grasp on important academic core concepts, but also cater to students’ individual needs as learners. Some students are visual learners, some need to apply concepts repeatedly to get a full grasp on the subject matter. No matter what each student’s needs are, the after-school environment provides a great opportunity to address those needs and assist learners of all types to be the very best they can be. This, indeed, is supporting day-time school and teachers, as well as parents and students.

Our rich palette of classes and subjects allows students to not only hone their academic skills, but discover many new worlds. Students are able to build on their talents, whether it is music, art, dance, math, engineering, language arts or anything else. Our enrichment class offering will allow all students to apply their talents, express themselves creatively and build a stronger connection to learning.