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Full-Service Extended Day School Programs

Creative Brain Before and After School ProgramsCreative Brain Learning provides comprehensive afterschool & before school programs that focus on quality standards and “creative learning”. Our programs have consistently exceeded the latest quality standards in extended learning. In fact, Creative Brain programs have received the highest rating from the California Department of Education, and county organizations, such as the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE). (See Statistics and Evaluations)

Our programs are designed to serve the needs of the students and parents, the school and community. Creative Brain Learning supports the day-time core curriculum with strong academic support to help students of varying levels excel in core subjects. Our programs also provide a comprehensive array of enrichment components to engage students in mind-expanding learning opportunities and healthy behaviors.

Creative Brain® Learning offers an unprecedented variety of academic support and enrichment options as part of our full-service afterschool programs as well as our stand-alone enrichment programs. Our spectrum of program options ranges from applied science, technology and math classes, such as robotics, forensic science, hands-on engineering and video game design, to language arts, health, nutrition, sports, and comprehensive visual and performing arts components.

Creative Brain® has developed strong brands in several of these fields, such as the brand of MovieWorkz™, ScienceWorkz™, MyHealthWorkz™, MyArtWorkz™, MUSICSTAR®, and others.

Creative Brain® programs are completely turn-key, and include all equipment, instruments, resources, curricula, student books, in addition to specially trained instructional staff and program support.

For a listing of various enrichment components, please see ENRICHMENT

a) Grant-Funded (ASES, 21st CCLC) Programs
b) Fee-based Programs

  • Creative Brain Learning operates grant-funded afterschool programs as a community-based partner organization for school districts, also contributing matching grants, as required. For more information, please contact us at (888) 673-2171 |
  • Creative Brain Learning offers low-cost afterschool programs on school sites and offsite.