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Scienceworkz Robotics

Working hands-on with educational kits students learn about the basic concepts of robotic engineering. In addition to group activities, each student will be able to build their own robotic device and program it to follow commands

Scienceworkz Rocket Science

Welcome to the exciting world of rocket science! Working with real model rockets, students explore jet propulsion, aerodynamics, flight sequence and flight profiles, recovery systems, scientific inquiry, problem solving, scientific measurement, flight data analysis, tracking, and more.

Scienceworkz Ecofuel

ScienceWorkz ECOFUEL is all about exploring alternative energy sources and responsible treatment of our planet and solar system. Recycling common household products and using customized educational kits students learn about harnessing energy from the sun, wind, water and more.

Scienceworkz Electric City

ScienceWorkz Electric City explores the principles of electricity. Depending on the focus and length of the program, students explore building batteries, learn about generating and storing power, and driving electric motors and other electric gadgets.

Sound Lab

ScienceWorkz SOUND LAB explores the science of sound and provides opportunities for students to even build their very own loud speaker sets.

Photo Lab

ScienceWorkz PHOTO LAB explores the science of photography and includes hands-on projects for each student to build their very own 3D camera and develop their own photo exposures the traditional way.