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Welcome to the exciting world of SPYWORKZ!

A multi-faceted curriculum explores science, math, language arts, logical and analytical thinking, creativity, imagination, the visual arts, technology and even health and fitness!

SPYWORKZ is available in a variety of formats, ranging from enrichment classes for after-school programs, to stand-alone camp programs, as well as special events. A choice of components is available, each focusing on specific aspects and academic subjects.

SpyworkzSPYWORKZ program plans take the shape of a series of self-contained TOP SECRET Mission Documents and student “AGENT” packets that allow students agents to explore a wide variety of subjects and concepts. Programs are completely modular, as each Mission Document can be presented independently from any other Spy Mission Assignments. Some of these TOP SECRET spy assignments include:
· finger print analysis
· foot print analysis
· powder analysis
· splatter analysis
· secret code breaking
and many more

SPYWORKZ is full of mystery, excitement and fun, but it is also extremely educational. Students learn about physics, chemistry, biology, technology, creativity, art, language, and more!

SPYWORKZ includes a role-playing environment as students become “AGENTS” who must solve assignments and mysteries alone or in groups.

Bring science to Life with SPYWORKZ!